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The FSU Buddhist Studies Program focuses on the academic study of Buddhism across a broad spectrum of historical, doctrinal, and cultural formations. The program offers a variety of research opportunities, scholarly events, and outreach activities, often in collaboration with other departments and programs on campus. Opportunities include M.A. and Ph.D. graduate training in Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese Buddhism, competitive graduate fellowships, such as the Sheng Yen Buddhist Studies Lecture Series , the Tessa J. Bartholomeusz Lecture Series in Religion, invited lectures, and graduate student conferences.

Graduate Work in Buddhist Studies

Graduate work in Buddhist Studies at Florida State University begins with the M.A. degree, which provides interdisciplinary training in the study of religion and in the historical and anthropological study of Buddhism under the rubric of the Department of Religion’s History and Ethnography of Religions track. Students in the M.A. program may choose to specialize in Tibetan, Chinese or Japanese Buddhism and will pursue advanced research in the social and cultural histories, rituals, practices, literatures, and philosophies relevant to these Buddhist traditions. Students may choose to continue toward the Ph.D. degree here at FSU or elsewhere.

The Department welcomes the new Assistant Professor in Japanese Religions

Kristina Buhrman (PhD, University of Southern California) is a historian of Japanese religions, specializing in the pre-modern period (before 1600). Her current research focuses on Onmyōdō, a collection of ritual and divinatory techniques that became popular in Japan during the Heian Period (794 - 1192). She also works on astrology and math in esoteric Buddhism, and maintains an interest in the intersection of religion and disaster and memory. Her teaching interests include the representation of religion and the supernatural in Japanese popular culture.

FSU vaults to top-tier in Asian studies

With the purchase of a massive, 25,000-volume collection of books and other materials related to religion and culture in Asia, Florida State University has vaulted into the front ranks of universities that offer Asian studies in the southeastern United States. >>Read More.

Sheng Yen Professorship in Chinese Buddhist Studies and Fellowship for Graduate Students

In March, 2011, the Sheng Yen Education Foundation of Taiwan gave two gifts—totaling $160,000—to the Department of Religion, says Nancy Smilowitz, Assistant Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences. One gift will create an endowed professorship, and the other will create two ongoing graduate fellowships. >>Read More