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Carla Marie Reid

Department of Interdisciplinary Humanities


Departmental Area: Adjunct Faculty
Research Areas : Humanitarian Intervention and Counter-Terrorism within the Just War Tradition; War and Genocide in Literature and Film; Women and Creativity

Address: 432F Diffenbaugh
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Office: 421 Diffenbaugh

Curriculum Vitae


Carla Marie Reid (PhD Humanities, 2003) currently teaches classes in ethics and in gender studies in the Department of Religion.  Her research has focused on religious ethics and violence, especially in the just war tradition.  She is most interested in how these systems of thought pertain to humanitarian intervention and counter-terrorism. 

Although most of her research has been on the just war tradition, her current work is on ethics and modern food production systems, which seem to have their own inherent violence.  She is currently teaching a class on Religious Ethics and Food, which explores the connections or disconnections between traditional and religious ways of thinking about food and those of the twenty-first century food industry. 

Recent Courses

Spring 2015

REL 3171-2    Topics in Ethics: Ethics of Food 
We all eat; we must eat to live. Yet, eating serves more than a biological function—it is a social, cultural, religious, and ethical activity. What exactly does that mean and how do our personal food choices and our cultural food choices contribute to our moral life? How does our moral and/or religious life shape our food choices? Food is important to the emotional, religious, and cultural lives of human communities. It also poses serious ethical dilemmas, which are often tied
to religious worldviews. In this course we examine religious, ethical, and cultural attitudes about food consumption, food production, dissemination, and use. More specifically, we look at how food defines us individually and culturally. We examine religious systems of ethical thought and ask how food and its production fit into these, sometimes as a moral good and sometimes as a moral problem.  Meets Liberal Studies Ethics and Social Responsibility requirement.

Spring 2014

REL3171-01   Topics in Ethics: Environmental Ethics and Religion
This is a class exploring some of the philosophical and religious views on nature and the environment.  We will examine ideas about nature prevalent in the environmental ethics movement, both historically and in the present day.  We will focus on the convergence (and sometimes divergence) of religious thought and an ethic of environmental care, and in so doing we will explore ideas of stewardship as well as a more biocentric approach, as well as feminist environmental ethics and deep ecology. The class will be grounded in the texts of some of the mainstays of Western environmental thinking and will help students explore different expressions of environmental values.