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Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy (REP)

The program in religion, ethics, and philosophy is designed to train scholars in (1) the philosophical and theoretical analysis of religious phenomena; (2) modern and historic expressions of religious thought, particularly in Europe and North America; (3) comparative analysis of the religious, philosophical, and ethical traditions of Europe and North America with those of the Middle East, South and East Asia; (4) historical and contemporary literature related to political ethics, the justification and conduct of war, the nature and scope of human rights discourse, and issues in ethics and the life sciences. To this end, students concentrating in religion, ethics, and philosophy take courses dealing with theory and method in the study of religion, hermeneutics, philosophy of religion, modern and historic expressions of religious thought, religious and philosophical ethics, and other topics related to the overall goals of the program. While the Department of Religion offers a rich variety of courses in this area, students are also encouraged, in consultation with area faculty, to take courses across the University. The Departments of Philosophy, Sociology, Classics, History, English, and Modern Languages are particularly relevant, as are the programs in Humanities and American and Florida Studies and in the College of Law.


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