American Religious History

John Corrigan

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Office: 206C Dodd Hall

Phone: (850) 644-8094

Jamil Drake

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Office: M06 Dodd Hall

Michael McVicar

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Office: 107A Dodd Hall

Amanda Porterfield

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Office: 208 Dodd Hall

History and Ethnography of Religions

Kristina Buhrman

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Office: 107B Dodd Hall

Bryan J. Cuevas

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Office: 120E Dodd Hall

François Dupuigrenet-Desroussilles

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Office: 317 Dodd Hall

Kathleen Erndl (1954-2017)

Dr. Kathleen M. Erndl

January 21, 1954 – February 19, 2017

Our colleague Kathleen Erndl suddenly passed away on February 19.

Adam Gaiser

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Joseph Hellweg

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Office: M04A Dodd Hall

Jimmy Yu

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Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy

Matthew Day

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Aline Kalbian

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Martin Kavka

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John Kelsay

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Sumner Twiss

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Religions of Western Antiquity

Matthew Goff

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Nicole Kelley

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David Levenson

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Rebecca Stephens Falcasantos

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Office: 128D Diffenbaugh

Douglas Gildow

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David C. Kirkpatrick

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Matthew Robertson

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Sonya Cronin

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Affiliated Faculty

Will Hanley

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Office: 401 Bellamy

Aaron (Feng) Lan

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Office: 362 Diffenbaugh

Claudia Liebeskind

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John Marincola

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Office: 401 Bellamy

Michael Ruse

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Maximilian Scholtz

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Jayaram Sethuraman

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Office: 120B Dodd

Svetla Slaveva-Griffin

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Office: 312 Dodd

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