Heather M. DuBois

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Heather M. DuBois

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Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy
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Heather M. DuBois (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame) is an interdisciplinary scholar who specializes in critical, constructive responses to conflict, trauma, and violence. Her first book, Moving through Impasse, is about intrapersonal transformation in situations characterized by a lack of freedom and a lack of knowledge about how to proceed. It employs the spirituality of John of the Cross, the critical theory of Judith Butler, and the affect theory of Silvan Tomkins to conceptualize the transforming self, paying attention particularly to the micro-dynamics of virtue, power, and desire. Her next project will continue her analysis of intrapersonal transformation, but use an inductive method to directly involve people who have experienced significant change. Specifically, it will involve those motivated to work for healing, justice, and peace in part by the marginalization of their gender and sexuality. Heather has taught theology and peace studies courses on suffering and evil. At FSU, she is teaching “Gender and Religion,” “Religion and Conflict,” “Spirituality and Critical Theory,” and “Religion and Peace Studies.”