Kristina Buhrman

Assistant Professor of Religion
Dr. Kristina Buhrman

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History and Ethnography of Religions
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107B Dodd Hall
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FSU Buddhist Studies

Kristina Buhrman (PhD, University of Southern California) is a historian of Japanese religions, specializing in the pre-modern period (before 1600). Her current research focuses on Onmyōdō, a collection of ritual and divinatory techniques that became popular in Japan during the Heian Period (794 - 1192). She also works on astrology and math in esoteric Buddhism, and maintains an interest in the intersection of religion and disaster and memory. Her teaching interests include the representation of religion and the supernatural in Japanese popular culture.

ReseArch Interests

  • Religion and science in East Asia
  • Manuscript and book cultures and intellectual exchange
  • Fate and divination
  • Esoteric Buddhisms
  • Shinto


Upcoming Courses (Fall 2019)
  • REL3351: Japanese Religions
  • REL4304/RLG5305: Religion and Technology
Current Courses (Spring 2019)
  • REL4044: What is Religion?
  • REL4359: Samurai and Japanese War