Matthew Day

Associate Professor of Religion
Dr. Matthew Day (and Freddie)

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Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy
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Matthew Day

I tend to find particular questions all-consuming at one moment and then ontologically dull at another. This helps to explain why I have written about such disparate subjects as: the medicalization of religious dissent in seventeenth-century England; the intersections between Biblical criticism and Darwinian evolutionary theory in the nineteenth century; and the significance of debt when thinking about class and capitalism in the twentieth century. My primary areas of interest are political and social theory broadly construed—particularly the gnarled past, uncertain present and conceivable futures of the Marxist tradition. I am currently writing a book on Marx, Marxism and the academic study of religion. After that, who knows?

I love Oaxocan food, hate having my picture taken, and wish I’d learned Russian in college. My wife and I have two sons, a Newfoundland (Freddie) who is dumber than a stubbed toe, and a Golden Retriever (Duck) who loves to eat rocks. We spend our summers bringing a mid-nineteenth century farmhouse into the twenty-first century, sailing the waters of Downeast Maine, and losing the battle to keep red squirrels and field mice out of the attic.

Recent Graduate Seminars

  • Marx, Weber, Bourdieu
  • The Landscapes of American Capitalism


Fall 2022
  • REL3142: Religion, Self and Society
  • REL3171: Topics in Ethics: Virtues of Sabotage (Honors)
Spring 2023
  • REL3142: Religion, Self and Society
  • REL3171: Topics in Ethics: Religion & Revolution