Major Requirements

A concentration in Religion provides students the opportunity to acquire a broad liberal arts education, whether they do so through our Religion major or through our Human Rights and Social Justice major. Student also have the options of a joint major with Classics and an Honors in the Major of Religion.

Religion major

Examine the diverse array of religious cultures around the globe from anthropological, ethical, historical, philosophical, and social perspectives.

Human Rights and Social Justice major

Explore the philosophical anthropological, ethnographic, and historical approaches to human rights.

Joint Major in Religion and Classics

The Departments of Religion and Classics cooperate in a joint major designed for students with a special interest in religion in the ancient world. Students interested in this program should discuss it with the undergraduate director of either department.

Students interested in the major in religion should contact the Undergraduate Director Dr. Joseph Hellweg or the Undergraduate Advisors Dr. Nicole Kelley and Dr. David Levenson for more information.

Honors in the Major

The Department of Religion offers an honors program in both the religion major and the human rights and social justice major to encourage talented juniors and seniors to undertake independent and original research as part of the undergraduate experience. For requirements and other information, see the "Undergraduate University Honors Office and Honor Societies" chapter of the General Bulletin.